Monday, April 6, 2009

Chickoo, Chickoo, Chickoo...

Boy, am I glad it's Spring again! This is my third year with my human family. I'm one lucky squirrel, anytime I need a treat I just hop up on the porch, peek in the door and like magic I get a treat. For a few days they kept giving me graham crackers, I like grahams okay, but I wanted peanuts! Sometimes I think they run out. Yesterday the peanut bucket was filled and I'm back in business now. I will take the peanut ever so carefully from their hands, but I never let them pet me.
Sometimes I follow them down the sidewalk or I'll greet them at the car when they get home. The other day I attended a funeral with the mom and the boy was for a mouse that fell in the pond... that's my drinking water, yuck!!! I hope it gets cleaned out!
Sometimes I frighten their guest on the porch, one day I freaked out the UPS man. hehehe!!!
The teenager boy is a blast to scare, he always yells "Mom, come get your crazy squirrel off the stairs!" I like to jump around in front of him and block his way. Too funny!!!
Some of the neighbors know me too, the nice lady across the street will leave me some goodies on her porch, but only in the summer.
Sometimes I'll hear the human mom call my name and I'll coming down from my tree... she's really nice... she's my favorite!