Friday, July 11, 2008

Hey... you've found my blog! I live in a old maple tree in the front yard of an unschooling family. The mom has fed me for the last year and a half. She buys me unsalted peanuts (salt is very bad for me) , cracked corn, sometimes I get bread,
applejacks (yummy!) and an occasional piece of pop tart. I spend alot of time burying my peanuts, chasing other squirrels, watching out for neighbor cats and dodging cars. (which makes my human mom freak out!) heheehee! My human family consists of
Mom, Dad, 21 yr. old daughter who takes a lot of pictures of me and seems to have color changing fur. Hmmm, 16 yr. old son who is a little freaked out by me. lol.... and an 8 yr. old son who likes to hand feed me peanuts and runs around the yard all the time. They have 3 cats but they stay in the house and gawk at me all the time through the windows. "Nana nana poo poo!"
(Thanks in Squirrel)


Sharon said...

Forgive me Sniffy (as your biggest fan) I'm sorry to say that I DIDN't "find" you. But thankfully a friend of mine guided me to you!

Anet said...

Sniffy: It's okay Sharon I'm a very forgiving squirrel! As I am your biggest fan also!

Tammy said...

I'm loving your blog, Sniffy. You've made it to my favorites. ;)