Saturday, July 26, 2008

Home Sweet Home... my family's porch,

next to my tree.
There's a bearded face on my tree...
The boy calls my tree "Treebeard" after a talking tree in
The Lord of the Rings. Can you imagine a talking tree?, why that's ridiculous!


mmmmm....... I can't talk now I have my mouth full.....mmmmmmmm

Peace Out!


Sharon said...

Peace Sniffy!
You won't believe what an incredible nut bowl the camera lady made. I bet you could sneak inside the living room this winter, curl up in it and still have room for a couple of peanuts. Hopefully she's put it some where with a good view of the wide screen in case Sniffy Potter and the Order of the Peanut makes it to prime time. Really Sniffy, you need to get dibs on that bowl!

Tammy said...

Sniffy, does your family feed you other things besides peanuts? I think once I heard something about poptarts, but I might be imagining things. I'm curious. :)

Tammy said...

ROFLOL. I just took another look at your sidebar Sniffy, and saw the "squirrels for Obama" sign. I always knew you must be a smart squirrel. Hee hee! ;)

Sandy said...

Sniffy, you have a front porch view just like I would love to have. It reminds my of my childhood home. Maybe your landlord could post a pic some day of the street where you live.

I like your tree too!