Thursday, July 24, 2008

I was peeking in the families window last night and we watched
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Went back to my
drey (nest) and had the weirdest dream about
Sniffy Potter and the Order of the Peanut!


Sandy said...

hahahahah, good job Sniffy, keep peeking....sounds like a very intriguing movie!!

Okay Sniffy, a little test for you...what snacks were they eating. Who was the messiest eater, who didn't pick up that piece of popcorn that fell on the rug and nobody noticed.

I know you are an observant squirrel, so get busy observing ya nut cracker...!!

Anet said...

Sniffy: Hey Sandy, they were eating popcorn and drinking juice. I love popcorn and they didn't even share with me!
The messy eater is the boy Noah, the mom kept telling him to pick up the corn he dropped.
Next time I think I'll scratch on the window screens to get some attention, it will probably scare the droppings out of them! hehehe!!!

Sharon said...

I love to hear about dreams.....sounds like classic wish fulfillment to me. Sweet dreams!

Sandy said...

Sniffy thanks for revealing the "goods" on those people. So Noah is the messy one!!! Yeah, that's a boy for ya.

Tammy said...

LOL. Oh my goodness, what a cute photo someone took! :)