Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Things that bug me!

Here's a few things that bug me; This black squirrel
eating my peanuts!!!

Him again! Looking for my stash!
Caleb thinks he's funny!
Squirrel proof bird feeders. GRRRRR!!!!!
and this stupid sign!


Sharon said...

I agree Sniffy, squirrel proof bird feeders are just stupid.....and prejudicial! Maybe we should start a squirrel chapter of the aclu.

(But you really should share with the other squirrels!)

Sharon said...

Okay......so Sniffy has to "approve" my comments?! :)

Anet said...

heheehee!!! I didn't want any squirrel haters slamming on me! I'll probably remove it soon. We squirrels have trust issues you know!