Friday, July 31, 2009

What the !#@&...

I don't know why the crazy camera lady has been such a slacker lately. She needs to step it up! I'm not cute and adorable for nothing you know~

Me... What else can I say?
I told you, I'm as cute as heck!


This is Peek~a~boo.
THE most annoying hyperactive nut case... moving in on my territory.

She peeks in the windows for peanuts now, copy cat! The crazy camera lady has a hard time taking good photos of her, cuz she never holds still! Have some more coffee will ya?!
I think we should medicate that squirrel!

PeAcE OuT~ SnIfFy


Sandy said...

hahah, glad you updated, love the photos.

Lycka Rosa heed said...

I just have to say That I have been following this blog for quite some while now ^^ and all my friends love it too.-.. especially the rasta squirrrel pic.. so NEver EVER stop this blog please? it lightens me up when it rains in my head...

Domestic Witch said...

OMG adorable!

Anet said...

Hello everyone!
I'm glad you enjoy my blog.
I've had a busy summer.
I've had three babies this spring... all but one are gone now.
I just can't get little Jasper to leave the nest. Boys!
He's getting use to the humans and knows there is an ample supply of peanuts on the porch.